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There was nothing like the pride and loyalty we felt on May 31, 1980. That was a day that will always be remembered. It marked history for 11 Lodges and 9 Chapters. We were the original seeds planted and nourished to make United National what it is today. We have grown to numerous lodges and chapters throughout the United States and Japan.

Ill. Windell Daniels, 33° (deceased), Unique Lady Gwendolyn Moore (deceased), Ill. James E. Smith, 33°, Ill. Johnnie McCoy, 33°, Carolyn Logan, Diane DeBose, Ill. James Hickman, 33° and many others worked diligently to lay the foundation of United National Free & Accepted Masons and Order of Eastern Star, Inc. The fruits of our first labors paid off on April 8, 1980 when we received our Charter from North Carolina Secretary of State, Thad Eure. The official name of the organization was later amended to United National Supreme Council, Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite, Freemasons of the World, 33rd and Last Degree and Order of Eastern Star, Inc.

The organizational meeting was held on May 31, 1980 at the Greentree Inn, Wilmington, North Carolina. Rev. Roosevelt Peppers, Riegelwood, North Carolina (deceased) and Dr. Robert B. Clark, Fayetteville, North Carolina gave us the motivation and the inspiration to overcome any obstacles. We felt as though we could conquer the world. In a sense, we have. God has smiled on us over the past 30 years.

Ill. Willie Nixon, 33°, Wilmington, North Carolina (deceased) was appointed the first Grand Master of North Carolina. Ill. James E. Smith, 33°, was the first elected Grand Master of North Carolina, his successors were Brothers Isaac McFadgen, Fayetteville (deceased), Ill. James Jefferson, 33°, Charlotte, Ill. Clayton Watson, 33°, Georgia; and currently Ill. Edward White, 32°,  Smithfield, NC.

Sis. Patricia Walters, Charlotte, North Carolina was appointed the first Grand Matron of North Carolina. She became the first elected Grand Matron. Her successors were Sis. Anne Coffey, Durham; Sister Gilda Williams, Charlotte;  Sister Rose Reid, Charlotte; and currently Unique Lady Crystal Gregory, Charlotte.

The Supreme Council and Ashique’ Ladies Council are the governing bodies of United National. We are proud of our National Officers in the higher degrees, Grand Masters, Grand Matrons, Registered Agents, Lodges and Chapters; who have worked diligently to make United National the great organization that it is today.

We are extremely proud of our Youth Department, the Field of Moral. They are so talented and are learning to become the leaders of tomorrow.

We support many community projects and donate generously to the United Negro College Fund, the American Cancer Society, the Diabetes Foundation and the Sickle Cell Foundation. We award scholarships to many institutions of higher learning and continue to support our member’s children and grandchildren by raising funds via our Miss United National, King, Mother, and Father’s Contest. 

Each year members compete for the crowns to serve as Miss United National, King, Mother and Father to raise money to support our Scholarship Fund.  We give scholarships each year to our children and grandchildren who are rising Freshman at either colleges, universities, and community colleges.  
Miss United National 2023 - Sister Mary White-Burt
King of United National - Ill. Roosevelt Barfield, 32°
Mother of United National - Sister Patresa Fletcher
Father of United National - Ill. John Condra, 32

Unique Lady Dorothy Graham, Wilmington, North Carolina was our first Miss United National and has held the title numerous times over the years. Others following in her footsteps are Sis. Jennie Haywood (numerous times), Sis. Jackie Grier (deceased), Sis. Ellen Knox, Unique Lady Waynetta Jefferson, Unique Lady Lillie Martin, Sis. Beatrice Little (deceased), Sis. Iris Bernard, Sis. Esta Kennedy, Sis. Peggy Harris (deceased), Sis. Artesia Isom, Sis. Shawna Baines, Sis. Van Davenport and Unique Lady Sandra Thompson. Sis. Patricia Simpson, Fayetteville (deceased), Unique Lady Shawna Baines, Sister Priscilla Clark, Sister Amanda Thompson, Unique Lady Crystal Gregory,

Sister Lisa Harrell, and Unique Lady Brandy Whitfield.

Kings of the organization have been, Ill. Clark Perry, 33°, (deceased), Ill. Havies Wilkes, 33°, (deceased),  Ill. Willie L. Johnson, 33°, (deceased),  Ill. Willie R. Mack, 33° (deceased), Ill. Johnnie Evans, Sr., 32° (deceased), Ill. Jerome Brown, 32°, Ill. Leroy Martin, 32°, (deceased), Ill. James Cox, 33°, (deceased), Ill. John Hollins, 33°, Ill. Charles Simmons,33°, Ill. Hubert Jones, 32°, Ill. Lemuel Thornton, 33°,  Ill. Damon Duncan, 32°, Ill. Gabriel Falu, 33°, Ill. John Anderson, 32°, and Ill. John Crittenden, 32°.

Mothers of the organization have been Sis. Diane Green, Unique Lady Annette Williams, Sis. Hazel Manuel, Sis. Gladys Ford, Sis, Mary Reid, Sis. McIllwain, Unique Lady Bettye Harris (deceased), Unique Lady Mertice Reid, (numerous times), Unique Lady Elaine Carter, Unique Lady Sandra Thomspon, Unique Lady Julia McCauley (deceased),  Unique Lady Charley Norwood, Sister Trousa Slaton Robinson and Sister Joy Nelson and Unique Lady Deseree Dorsey.
Fathers of the organization have been Ill. Edward Garriett, 33, Ill. Lester Jones, 33° and Ill. Havies Wilkes, Sr., 33° (deceased),  Ill. Lemuel Thornton, 32°,  Ill. Neland Lewis, 32° and Brother Albert Hutchinson, 32°,

Our travels on business have taken us to numerous places: Toronto, Canada, Chicago, IL., Miami, FL., Orlando, FL., Atlanta, GA., Cherry Hill, NJ., Freeport, Grand Bahamas, New Orleans, LA., Jacksonville, FL., Falls Church, VA., Augusta, GA., Mount Laurel, NJ., Metairie, LA., Daytona Beach, FL., Robinsonville, MS., Rochester, NY., Tunica, MS., Las Vegas, NV., a five day cruise to Key West, FL. and Nassau, Bahamas, Vienna VA ,and Tampa, FL, Norfolk, VA, Reston, VA, Tysons Corner, VA, Orlando, FL, and Charlotte, NC.  Our 2019 National Convention will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana  at the Downtown Marriott at the Convention Center.

Our organization has flourished throughout the United States and we have enjoyed the fruits of our labor. Our organization has sustained a great loss in two of the founding pillars, Unique Lady Gwendolyn Evans, the first Most Ancient Grand Worthy Matron, after 26 years (2006) of dedicated service and Ill. Windell Daniels, 33°, The Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander, after 28 years (2008) of untiring devoted service. 

On June 26, 2009, United National Supreme Council made history by crowning The Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander during a momentous coronation ceremony held at the Westin Tampa Hotel in Tampa, Florida. This event was the beginning of a new era for our organization. Under the leadership of Ill. James E. Smith, 33°, United National is now incorporated in Texas and Maryland-DC. We have a Grand Lodge and Grand Chapter in Texas. We also have expanded our territory to the Maryland-DC area and have chartered an Eastern Star Chapter in Yokosuka, Japan.

Our National Headquarters, located at 810 Wooster Street, Wilmington, North Carolina, was purchased on October 21, 2009. 

Another accomplishment for United National was the purchase of a box truck to transport our office equipment, regalia and paraphernalia to our conventions. 

We will continue to cultivate and fertilize the seeds planted thus far, while continuing to plant and nourish additional seeds so our organization will continue to grow.

On June 13, 2020, it was announced that our Most Ancient Grand Worthy Matron, Unique Lady Robbie Horton-Garriett retired to the elite Emeritus status after twelve years of faithful service.  We held a coronation ceremony during our 2022 General Congress to officially bestow the title of Most Ancient Grand Worthy Matron on Unique Lady Crystal Torrence-Gregory.

Our 43 General Congress was held at the Sheraton New Orleans with record-breaking attendance for this event.  Our next event will be held at the Westin Perimeter Atlanta Hotel.
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