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Unique Lady Robbie Garriett
Unique Lady Annette Williams
Unique Lady Charley Norwood
Unique Lady Yvonne Jackson
Gone But Not Forgotten
Unique Lady Harriett Underwood
Unique Lady Bettye Harris
Unique Lady Faynelle Shaw
Unique Lady Lillie Martin
Unique Lady Gwendolyn Evans
Unique Lady Elizabeth Murray
Unique Lady Ludie Mann
Unique Lady Julia McCauley
Unique Lady Mertice Reid
.Ill. Havies Wilkes, Sr

Organized:  February 22, 1992
The Great Nine issued a dispensation to organize a female branch chartered as the "Ashique Ladies Council."  The highest degree that an Eastern Star can receive in United National Supreme Council.  Unique Lady Gwendolyn Moore Evans served as the first Most Ancient Worthy Grand Matron from 1992 until her death in 2006.   The Great Nine appointed Unique Lady Robbie Garriett in 2008.  On June 13, 2020 after 12 years of dedicated and devoted service, she resigned from her position.  Unique Lady Crystal Torrence-Gregory  was coronated during the 2022 General Congress as the Most Ancient Grand Worthy Matron.


Chartered Members:
The Late Unique Lady Gwendolyn Moore EvansThe Late Unique Lady Faynell ShawUnique Lady Gilda WilliamsUnique Lady Annette WilliamsUnique Lady Sandra Jones ThompsonUnique Lady Robbie H. GarriettThe Late Unique Lady Ludie MannThe Late Unique Lady Harriett Underwood Purpose:The purpose of this auxiliary is to improve and ensure better understanding of the Order of Eastern Stars and Higher Degrees.
To be the governing body for the Order of Eastern Star, promote harmony, ensure the chain of command is adhered, support, sponsor, and encourage community service and be a listening ear to all.
"Individually Unique, Together Complete"

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