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"Gates of Heaven"
"The fundamental belief dignity of manhood, strength of brotherhood, and the virtue of truth must be basic principles for a vision for our fraternity. Here is one vision: Freemasonry will be a relevant, preeminent fraternity, committed to attracting, developing and retaining men of high quality who strive for self-improvement and the opportunity to make a difference."
The Late III. Windell Daniels, 33º
The Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander
(25th Anniversary Celebration 2005)
November 16, 1947
Sunset April 22, 2008
"The greatest lesson I have learned is that it is not about me, but it is about God and fulfilling his purpose for my life. Friends, He is just so awesome and A light in my life. The greatest lesson that I have learned through all of the friendships and acquaintances that I've encountered along the way is love and gratitude. "
The Late Unique Lady Gwendolyn Evans
The Most Ancient Worthy Grand Matron
(25th Anniversary Celebration 2005)
October 24, 1942
Sunset June 4, 2006
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